TOP 10 Underrated Beer Brands

Now that the days are finally getting a bit longer, you can almost sit outside again and enjoy a delicious beer with your friends over the weekend. But why does it always have to be the same bottle from the same brand? Currently there is a new craft beer on the market every three weeks, which wants to be tried. While not everything is always outstanding, there are quite a few beers and beer brands that should not be underestimated. Here we show you which TOP 10 beer brands are wrongly not as well-known as they should be.

# 10 – Hoegaarden

hoegaarden beer

Although this brand from Belgium is already well-known in the scene, it has not yet set out to secure a global presence. The Belgians are known as unbelievably good beers.

# 9 – Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan

What is known to every child in Bavaria is almost completely unknown elsewhere – Weihenstephan is currently trying to gain a foothold in the international market, especially with its refreshing wheat beer, which seems to succeed.

# 8 – Flying Dog

flying dog beer

From Maryland in the US, this microbrewery is the new insider tip among the white beers with potential for superstar. Although they are based on the German model, but they go their own way.

# 7 – Southern Animal Brewing Co.

New York can also be found on this list. Anyway, the US is very talented at redefining well-known types of beer, especially rye and pumpkin beer, to make sure you do not always associate the United States with watery beer.

# 6 – Steamworks Brewing

steamworks beer

In the north, in Canada, you can still find them, the good but underrated breweries. Vancouver focuses on the whole range of ale to pale ale; and the people there really seem to know what’s good.

# 5 – Põhjala

Tallinn and Estonia are usually more used than beers, but in the capital the craze for craft beers is spreading. Põhjala is considered the pioneer who knows how to surprise with new fascinating creations.

# 4 – Thornebridge


Of course England should not be missing here either. Thornebridge from Derbyshire has made a name for himself among beer connoisseurs in the smoked beers, so it’s usually something for the experimentalists.

# 3 – Bar

A family brewery from Augsburg, which has been active for many generations, but always somehow remained under the radar. This should change now.

# 2 – Hopstopper

What happens when beer brewers simply do not bother with completely designed beer bottles, then you can see that at this cult brewery from Bad Rappenau. Tip: be sure to try the citrus ale.

# 1 – Brlo

brlo beer

Finally, of course, the cult brewery from Berlin. Underrated, but quaint as usual. Meanwhile, a part of the Berlin scene, always good for new things.