Why Do Foreign Beer Brands Have German Names?

If you are a bit familiar in Europe, you will surely know where to find the best beers and breweries geographically, what different countries have for a beer culture and what gourmets should really pay attention to.

Recognized quality

quality beer

Therefore, some people will certainly not put a face, if it sounds like a German beer in the choice of the brand, but you clearly get barley drinks from abroad. For all the others who are still a little newer in this area, we have some reasons together sought, why one is reminded on so many beer brands to Germany.

First and foremost, of course, there is the German Brewery and all the art around it. What is sushi for Japan and hamburger for the United States is beer for Germany – as well as bratwurst, of course.

It is synonymous with high quality and a highly respected status in society. Beer drinkers can be found in all walks of life, so it is therefore a drink for the “people”.

Marketing reasons

For marketing reasons, it is therefore very worthwhile to rely on German words in the name in order to be able to address a larger group of potential customers. With reference to neighboring countries of Germany – such as the Netherlands or especially Teschechien – it should be noted that the European history plays a major role here.

The borders between today’s Germany and the Czech Republic were not always as clearly defined as they are currently, which is why there used to be breweries in German that are now in Czech hands. For example, the brewery that distributes the well-known beer “Budweiser” in the US is the German name, in the Czech Republic the beer is sold as “Budvar”.

Germany is also one of the few countries to rely on such a long and well-known brewing history that they are very proud of the German Purity Law of the brewery of 1516 – only a few years are known worldwide like this

 So if you refer to brands as being either “German” or at least complying with the German Purity Law, then that’s driving sales. As already mentioned, the beer has a real relationship for Germany.

For example, just think of the Oktoberfest, where there is fresh wheat beer in the huge pitchers. People around the world know this, so they often equate Oktoberfest with German culture and German beer.

Even linguistic reasons

From a linguistic point of view, too, it makes perfect sense to remember the word “beer”, because it is written in the same or a similar way in many of the languages ​​of Europe and is therefore easy to recognize. Whether German beers are the best in the world is an open question, but the German beer brewery is highly respected worldwide and is therefore ideal for a name-based marketing.