Why Drinking Beer Is Good For You?

The famous sign in many pubs and bars reads “Those who do not drink do not live longer. It only feels longer. “

And here the spirits seem to separate – is beer in itself healthy at all and should one drink it, in not too high quantities, of course? Or is beer maybe even good for the body and the soul and should not be ignored too much? We took a look at some sites where there should be medical insights on this topic.

Quality matters

quality beer

It is always said that beer drinkers are thicker than those who do without hops and Co. While it may be true that an excessively high consumption of beer causes the beer belly to grow, it has meanwhile been proven that certain beers can even actively contribute to weight loss in small quantities. Especially beers from Belgium – here you should taste leffe and Westmalle – can provide by the bacteria contained in the beer for a faster digestion and thus animate the combustion process.

Ever heard of Xanthohumol? Well, most people probably do not. These antioxidants are found in hops and are said to be very helpful in fighting cancer and to prevent cancer.

Beer belly facts and myths

beer belly facts and myths

Speaking of beer belly – here too, many people are divided, even the medicine seems to be 100% sure of what it is. Although studies could not clearly prove – or refute – that heavy beer consumption leads to the stomach, scientists often found parallels between high beer consumption and obesity.

However, they also found that moderate beer consumption can help prevent kidney stones from developing, so there are benefits. To give more medical insights: it has now been proven that beer consumption also helps to prevent Alzheimers. Anyone who likes to drink a beer actively works to ensure that this engaging disease is unlikely to spread in old age.

Finally, we come with the really good arguments for the next pub visit therefore: did you know, for example, that a normal bottle of beer – 0.33l – has fewer calories Low-fat milk or orange juice? Especially stouts – such as Guinness – have a very low carbohydrate content. And we have not even talked about the vitamins in the beer! Yes, beer is packed with good stuff, so it does not always have to be the smoothie. Vitamins are also responsible for the fact that the bone structure in beer drinkers can often be in order, because here the cold barley juice also helps.

As you can see there are a lot of good reasons why beer should not be demonized. Of course, as always, the basic idea is that you do not have to do anything excessively, but if you treat yourself to a delicious beer from time to time, it does less harm to your own body than you think. Bottom up!